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Mar 05, 2015 at 02:31 AM

PST and QST taxes are printing in the invoice


we sent an invoice for a Canadian customer who is in Alberta region so only GST tax should apply but when last invoice is sent to customer it shows not only GST Tax but also HST ( PST and QST) taxes which was applicable if like customer was in Quebec Canada.

Sold to, Payer and ship to all are setup as Alberta customers.

Even though it is NOT calculated in the total amount but it is listed on the invoice printout and confusing the customer.

Customer wants us to remove PST and QST taxes from invoice and resend the invoice.

PST and QST taxes are in the condition tab of the invoice but they are never calculated and are never intended to print out on a invoice for Quebec customers.

Our company has sent many invoices to this customer but it never happened before but the last invoice they sent has this problem.

So in short my company does not want it to be printed on the invoice and it never printed before but what could have caused it this time?

Your help is much appreciated.

P.S. in pricing procedure this condition ztx2 "for PST/QST" is flaged as "S" = printings at totals level ( this was setup long time ago).