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Mar 04, 2015 at 03:20 PM

Payroll - Canada


Hi Sap Experts,

Thanks for all your guidance so far on the queries which i have raised it Time Managment module. Through you help and guidance, now i can have confidence that i could work in time schemas and PCR's ,

Now i am moving on to learn Payroll ,i.e also Payroll of Canada country. this is first time i am gonna work on Payroll and the country given to me is Canada, so eager to work on it, but at the sametime i am new to SAP Payroll, Hence my questions are

Where would i get the documents of canada so i can understand the legal things and calculations of Canada?

What is the best way to start learning the things to become expert in payroll, i know to read schema's and PCR's as i did it in Time management. But how come i become so strong in Payroll too..

Thanks in advance