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Mar 04, 2015 at 01:30 PM

Single Delivery From Multiple Storage Location (Without WM )


Dear Gurus

I searched lot of threads for the following issue i did not find the solution. So i am posting this question, here i go

User will store a single material in three storage location for example.

Material- FG1000 - 10000 (Batch handled )

SL1 - 500

SL2 - 300

SL3 - 200

Now here a sales order is raised for the above material with 1000kg, so now i want to deliver this 1000kg in single delivery with determining all 3 storage locations respectively. But system is picking only one storage location based on determination rule MALA.

So my question is, what configuration or customization required to overcome above issue

Note :- No warehouse Management

Please help


Azhar Iqbal