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Mar 04, 2015 at 12:31 PM

Using PHIO_ID to retrieve documents (as per SOFFCONT1/BDSCONT1)


Hi all

I'm trying to find out what exactly the documents are that are stored in SOFFCONT1/BDS_CONT1 and that which we'd move using report RSIRPIRL (basically we have a Content Server but we've not been using it, and all the SAP Office / Business Documents Services attachments have been saved to the DB, so the tables are huge).

In short, I need to use the PHIO_ID reference ID (returned from these tables/the RSIRPIRL report) to 'see' or 'retrieve' these files so we can check exactly what they are (and whether it's safe for us to move with RSIRPIRL from the DB to a Content Server).

How do I get these docs??

I've stumbled across the following tables - SOFFPHF & BDS_PHF (BDSPHF*), and SOFF_PHIO & BDS_PHIO, and I can put the PHIO_ID reference ID in to see the filename and size etc but there's still not a lot of info; it would be good to be able to actually display the file/find out more info.

In searching I keep coming across DMS_KPRO_READ; but I don't think the input for that is PHIO_ID - what is it, and how do I obtain the relevant key?



(SAP Basis/Tech Architect - not Functional)