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Jan 12, 2006 at 10:03 AM

Transfering objects between DC's



we have defined a simple class A which contains (esentially) key value pairs. The values can be objects of any type, which are cast to the proper objects by the receivers.

We tried to transport an array of these objects via plugs (as parameters of the plugs) between two views in different DC's. In this case, we weren't able int the receiving DC to cast the objects in the array back to our simple class A (we got a ClassCastException). But the objects in the array are definitely of that type (can be checked via object.getClass().getName()). But a simple check with instanceOf(A) for the objects in the array fails.

The above thing works, if we transport these objects via plugs between two views in the same component (and hence the same DC).

When we tried to pass an instance of class A via a method call from one DC to another, we got a LinkageError.

The definition of class A is in a library DC which is defined as a "Used DC" in all involved DC's.

It seems to us, that instances of self-defined classes can't be transported between Web Dynpro DC's or did we miss something?

Any help to this topic is appreciated.