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Mar 04, 2015 at 09:53 AM

Cross-border STO out of Brazil


Hi team,

we have a production site in Brazil and wants to transfer goods via a STO to our plant in Argentina.

Until now I don't succeed to finish this flow.

When I use the setup SAP recommends (using UB order and MoT 862) no Nota Fiscal is generated. The button is available in the material document but there is no NF (message 8B262 - Material document is not linked to a Nota Fiscal - is displayed).

When I use the setup we are using in Europe (via intercompany STO => no item category U and movement type 643) and add extra customising for Brazil for MoT 643, we get a lot of errors during NF generation. 1st error no partner determined.

Did someone use STO's in Brazil for cross-border (and cross-company) transfers?

Thanks a lot,