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Former Member
Mar 04, 2015 at 07:57 AM

Where to find routine txt for BAIO TSW D43 ?



I am trying to do the BAIO scenario D54 with the new module TSW.

But the routines are not installed in my environment. When I tried to do the configuration guide D43 I am blocked at the first part "Creating a routine".

The text I am looking for to carry on the BAIO is the :

- ROICK901.txt

- ROICG901.txt

- ROICG902.txt

- ROICG904.txt

- ROICG905.txt

- ROICG911.txt

- RV62A911.txt

- RV63A900.txt

Is there anyone knows where I can find those texts, that could help me a lot.

Thanks in advance,

Marie-Agnès PERDU