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Former Member
Jan 12, 2006 at 09:32 AM

Roberto Pl look into: Reg Queries Transportion


Hi Roberto

As per your docs regarding query transportation,

In <b>Transport Connection</b> after selecting query in query element and drag and drop it(collected objects)and select this query and click on <b>BEx transportation</b> then there v can assign to our Package.(I followed the docs,no issues)

After this step in docs its not clear.I mean after this step also the <b>Package name</b> in the collected objects did'nt changed(its <b>showing in $TMP</b>)only.Should I again click on <b>Transport</b>(only transport without BEx)icon for changing the Package from $TMP to Z_SALES(a package name)

Let me know in this regard.

Many Thanks