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Mar 04, 2015 at 03:05 AM

Transformation - Read Master Data Rule Error


In our development environment we've have activiated 0PUR_C01 from business content. In the past we had no issues loading data to this cube. Recently we've updated our OS, DB, and BW has been patched to 7.3.1 SP 12.

Since our updates we now run into a couple of issues with transformations that contain a rule for reading master data. One of the issues is that the transformation will appear to be active in the workbench but if you click on the transformation to view the detials the version indicates its version 'N'. Were also having an issue where any transformation that contains the 'Read Master Data' rule causese a short dump when trying to activate or test the rule.

Here is a snap shot of the rule from our transformation:

This is the short dump error were getting:

If we remove the rule from the transformation then we can activate the transformation as well as load data. I've searched for a solution to this problem and just can't seem to find a note that pertains to this. I have found some older notes that may of been relevent but those are notes from previous bw versions and early service packs.

Keep in mind that while I used the cube 0PUR_C01 as our example we are having this same issue with every transformation that has the read master data rule. I also want to point out that this structure has neve been modified from the standard business content that was initally installed.

I've seen some suggestions to get around this by writing some code but to me this is not a fix but a work around to a bigger issue. Does anyone have any suggestions that will help us address this issue.




0PUR_C01_2.PNG (23.7 kB)
Error1.PNG (5.1 kB)