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Former Member
Mar 04, 2015 at 12:51 AM

sap.m.TileContainer not supported in a scrollable page?


Hi Guys,

I am using Tile Container in my sap.m.Page and observed that if I made the page's enableScrolling : true, the Tile Container does not show up.

When I make it false, it is visible.

1.> Is there any way we can make the TileContainer visible with Page scrolling property set to true?

2.> I want to display multiple Tile Containers (each with one row) to achieve Google Playstore like functionalitity. With Page scrolling set to False and TileContainer height property set to say 40%, I can get two containers with one row each but it restricts my functionality. I want to make the page scrollable with ore than 2 Tile Containers.

Any thoughts, help, suggestions?