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Mar 03, 2015 at 04:08 PM

CCLM doesn't take into account my system data ?


Hi all,

I try to configure the CCLM tool on our Solman (7.1 SP12).

In order to display the Quality measures IN CCLM, i've activated ATC tool.

My current active run contains several errors, but in CCLM tool I only the last active run (with only 1 error).

All extractors are correctly set-up.

Why CCLM doesn't take into account the ATC result ?

As you can see, i've also problem with Custom Code counter (at the left top of the screen).

Last question about Criticality health factor. Extractor generates an error :

Do you have any idea about these problems ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


ATC.PNG (15.7 kB)
CCLM.PNG (53.6 kB)
Criticality.PNG (41.2 kB)