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Mar 03, 2015 at 04:18 PM

Different operations of company codes same COA


Hi Experts,

i have a question regarding the use of same chart of account for different company codes. most of the answers i found said that if the needs of both companies can be met by one chart of account then we should use the same chart of account. but i am not satisfied by this answer as when we are designing the cart of account from the start we can design it based on the needs of both companies. i mean let say that in company 1 we will need an account group of inventory only and not finish goods but in company code 2 we will also require finish goods account group.what we can do is that we can create both account groups and then company codes can use them as per their requirement. what i am really trying to ask is that is it possible to use same chart off account for two companies if one of them is trading and the other one is manufacturing? we are developing COA from scratch.

much appreciate your help.