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Mar 03, 2015 at 03:50 PM

Exception in CRM system after creating post goods issue in ECC


Hi Folks,

We are facing an issue in CRM system. I will tell the scenario in details so that it would be helpful to understand,

We are creating sales order in CRM system and it got replicated to ECC correctly. We have maintained action definition to trigger email to the customer.

Then we will be creating delivery and then post goods issue(PGI) for items replicated to ECC systems. After PGI system will update the status in CRM sales order and here configured an action definition to trigger an email to customer.

We have created custom badi implementations for action definition execute badi to send email. Emails are triggering correctly but after PGI creation while replicating the changes from ECC to CRM we are getting an exception in standard code because PPFTTRIGG table does not have entry. We have failed entry in CRM inbound queue and then did some debug and come to know the place of issue. Help me out with some inputs here.

Best Regards,



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