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Mar 03, 2015 at 12:39 PM

Filter Panel Issue DS 1.3


Hi All,

I have a scenario where I have to display summary data in two cross tabs in Page 1 and then the detail data in another

cross tab in Page 2.

I have used a filter panel which filters all the cross tabs.

Below is the list of my Data Sources and it's data bindings

DS_1 : Summary Data Source 1

DS_2 : Summary Data Source 2

DS_3 : Detail Data Source

Cross Tab 1 : DS_1

Cross Tab 2 : DS_2

Cross Tab 3 : DS_3

Filter Panel : DS_3

When I apply a filter on 0employee which is a common dimension between DS_1,DS_2 and DS_3 it should work right!

so below are my cases

Case 1: If the employe selection, for example JACK is present in DS_1 and DS_2 then the cross tabs are getting filtered accordingly and as expected.

Case 2 : If the employe selection, for example JACK is present in DS_1 and NOT DS_2 then only Cross Tab 1 is getting filtered accordingly and as expected and Cross Tab 2 is not getting affected! the user wants to see an message which says "No data to be displayed"

Case 3 : If I get to the 2nd Page and then do a BACK to the 1st page below is the message I get! which is true!

Things That I have tried :

1. On the back button of my 2nd page I have tried to reload DS_2, to see if it would works! but it din't!

2. To the Filter Panel I have assigned a new Data Source (DS_4) which is the same one as DS_3, this did not work either!

Not understanding why the "no data available" message is not popping up the first time itself i.e on Page 1!

Please share your valuable thoughts on this

kind Regards,



C1.GIF (154.8 kB)
C2.GIF (158.1 kB)
C3.GIF (57.3 kB)
C4.GIF (136.6 kB)