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Mar 03, 2015 at 08:41 AM

Layout Editor for Master/Detail in SAPWebIDE



As far as I can guess from reading the SCN discussions on the topic, the layout doesn't work for master/detail template but we get an error:

Are there plans for this to work?

On a side note, SAP is basically telling us that this is the future, that this is what we are supposed to use, but then I waste a lot of time trying to guess what I did wrong with the installation when it's actually an unsupported feature that throws this popup like it's some kind of error. This is not what a finished product looks like so I have to ask if Eclipse still the recommended IDE for SAPUI5?

PS: Yes I'm annoyed that I wasted about 6 hours of my weekend checking and re-checking the installation to try to find what I had done wrong. If it's not supported catch the exception and throw a decent "error" message.


LayoutEditor.png (70.6 kB)