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Mar 03, 2015 at 08:00 AM

Resize the iView dynamically


Hi Experts,

I need to resize the iview based on the size of content being displayed in it so as to avoid horizontal/vertical scrollbars.
The iview is a Portal Component (Abstract Portal Component) iview.

The portal application dynamically picks the html page that needs to be displayed in the iview (based on user country/company).

The HTML page thus displayed in the iview has multiple tabs, the first one is open by default when the page loads.

Initial resizing is done at the time of load and the scrollbars do not appear.

But when the user selects any other tab (the tabs open on mouse over, not mouse click), the content size differs and the scroll bars appear to accommodate the content.

I need to capture the "onMouseOver event" on tabs in my portal component, and resize the iframe everytime.

Could you please suggest how?

The portal version is 7.3 EHP 1.

The HTML pages displayed in the iview are hosted on a Content Management Server in the same domain as the Portal.

Points to be awarded generously to helpful/correct replies.

Thanks and regards,