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Mar 03, 2015 at 07:41 AM

Strategy for the replication server


Hello all,

We are curently developing strategy for the SL Replication server and would appreciate your input, especially with companies with large footprint.

1. With SLT RS, the options are

(a) install in the source system'

(b) install in a 'separate system'

- what are the pros/cons for reach two options?

- What is the performance advantage of option (b) since it also trigger RFC to the source system?

- Network. With option (b), there is network traffic between the RS and source, due to RFC, so it is considered a disadvatage against (a)?

- Software maintenance - if there software maintenance in the source system OR the stand-alone RS, the replication will be suspended in both (a) and (b)

What are the other factors to consider on which option to go?

2. We have 4 ECC systems, 4 SCM systems, each for different part of the globe/timezone, and several CRM and SRM systems.If we go for 'separate system', - should we go for one large RS or several RS, and what is the best grouping/split criteria.

Thanks in advance for your time/input.