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Mar 02, 2015 at 11:53 PM

Filter on Nav Attribute - bad performance


We're using AO on top of BPC (so using the B/virtual cube) for AO reporting. Whenever we filter on a characteristic (ie, BPC dimension) the filter dialog opens quickly. However, when we filter on a navigational attribute (ie, BPC property made navigational for reporting) the filter dialog takes forever and dumps---out of memory.

Is this a bug or just bad design? If a query returns 10 records, filtering on characteristics should take as long as filtering on a navigational attribute. For example in rows:

Rows, keyfig

  1. Total Revenue, A00001 $100
  2. Total Revenue, A00002 $200

  • Column 1 is navigational attribute (property of column 2).
  • Column 2 is characteristic (BPC account dimension member).
  • Column 1 and 2 are both the Account dimension in BPC.

If I filter on column 2, the dialog opens quickly (couple seconds). If I filter on column1, the dialog never opens and causes a dump. I can see the vcube being queried via SM50 when filtering on column2, but column 1 does not behave the same.

Is this the expected behavior? Any suggestions on how to improve performance when filtering on navigational attributes, which we use frequently. Thanks...