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Mar 02, 2015 at 11:33 PM

DSO Secondary Indexes on Active Tables created Directly in the Database


Hi All,

In the wake of the performance issues with few of our BO reports ( based on Bex Queries) in production system, we have identified the need in adding few more secondary indexes (in addition to existing ones) on the underlying DSOs.

However, these secondary indexes have been directly created/added to the DSO Active tables in the Database( ) by our DBA team.

There was a significant improvement in the BO reports and all performance issues have been sorted out. We knew this is just a temporary fix and eventually, these indexes must be created in the DSOs and transported all the way to prod.

Now the concerns are,

  1. If the additional indexes must be deleted by DB Admin before transporting the DSOs.
  2. Or will the transport simply overwrite all the DB indexes in prod and replace them with the indexes transported as part of the DSO.
  3. Will there be any conflict or transport failure in the prod env( as the transport attempts to create the indexes in the back end table and finds the same index already existing on the same table).
  4. Is there a standard way to deal this situation or is it as simple as transporting these DSOs by adding required new indexes?

Note: Our DBA team is speculating about deleting the indexes ( they are afraid as the deletion at table level may lead to inconsistencies to the entire DB or at least to those specific Active Tables)

Please let me know your thoughts.

BW Version : 7.0

Data base : DB6