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Mar 02, 2015 at 10:55 PM

ECC-->SAP PI-->Successfactor Integration: Invalid SFAPI session


Hello Experts,

I am working on EmployeeData Synchronization interface the content of which is predelivered from SAP.

I configured the interface and while testing

as first step I was able to retrieve the session ID from Successfactor,

but using the session ID retrieved from Successfactor cloud application when I am trying to upsert data in the second step I am getting an error "Invalid SFAPI session".

How can I overcome this error?

I have done my research on the SDN and went through the blogs but for not much use.

I am sure about the content and the version being used by me as the correct one.

Has anybody seen this error and if yes how did you overcome the same?

Please let me know.

One point that I have to make is that since I was able to retrieve the session ID I did not install the certificates from Successfactors.

Is installing the certificates mandatory and if yes which step is this being referred?

Any help is really appreciated.

Anu Patyath