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Mar 02, 2015 at 07:08 PM

SAP Portal UWL refresh does not occur for some items.


Hello, we are having a strange problem with the EP installed in our landscape. For some users, a particular task item is taking days to come into the UWL, but another work-item of the same task type, for the same user, sometimes comes immediately. This is happening intermittently and randomly. Infact when checking the backend for the missing task item, it is there in the SAP inbox(backend) as per SWI5. but not there in the UWL. However the missing task item does come into the UWL finally but after may be 13 days !!!
task item has been properly configured in the uwl xml (or it may not have worked properly sometimes)

Background jobs - rswnuwlsel are also configured for delta and full mode.

for other task items, it is working fine.

Please note :- this problem is associated with a task item(task group , eg: ts9xxxxx9) and not work item.
Where could be the problem?