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Mar 02, 2015 at 12:48 PM

How to set the ANONYM PSE when consuming external Web Service with SSL


Dear all,

I wish to consume an external Web Service with HTTPS and basic authentication from an ABAP function module. The web service call works - but everytime a dialog for username and password pops up, even though the correct access data is already saved in the Logical Port.

Consequently, background processing fails with "Authentication required". We do not use client certificates, that´s why we need to draw the external server certificate from the ANONYM PSE which is configured in STRUST. When I set up an RFC destination (for testing purpose only) and set ANONYM as certificate list, then I can ping the web service without user data dialog. In SOAMANAGER the ping fails with 404 Not Found, even though the service calls are successful when user data is entered in the popup dialog.

In the call from the function module the DFAULT PSE is used, as I can see in the trace. I suspect that to be the reason for the unneccessary dialog which prevents successful background processing.

How can I configure usage of the anonymous keystore?

Who has any other idea why the pop-up might appear despite correct user data saved in the Logical Port?

Thanks a lot,