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cFolder BOM Export:BOM usage issue

Hi All,

I am currently working for a project which implement the cFolder functionality.

the main function is to export the BOM information from the backend system to the cFolder specific folder.

I got an issue when I calll the transaction:CFE02

the steps:

1. a new BOM usage of service is created in SPRO

2. a new BOM with BOM usage: S is created

3. Call trasaction:CFE02 and specific folder name

4. Consistency check and get green light

5. Click" copy object" button, a red light received.

the error message: Invalid value '9' has been entered for attribute 'BOM_Usage' in namespace ''. Ask your system administrator to add value '9' to the list of values allowed for this attribute."

Message no. CFX_BI_RI_MSG1302

6. check the cfolder specific folder: all the header material and BOM item material numbers are there, however, single click the BOM header, the content of this BOM is empty.

Does anyone could give me some hint to solve this issue? thanks a lot!



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1 Answer

  • Mar 02, 2015 at 08:39 AM


    the issue is that you have come up with a new BOM usage. This usage needs to be made available in the BOM configuration related xml file structure_Attributes.xml on the cFolders WebDAV directory.

    See below:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <Attributes xmlns="">

    <Attribute EntryRequired="false" ID="Plant" Namespace="" ReadOnly="true">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/PLANT" Default=""/>




    <Attribute EntryRequired="true" ID="BOM_Usage" Namespace="" ReadOnly="true">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/BOM_USAGE" Default=""/>


    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/PRODUCTION" ID="1"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/ENGINEERING_DESIGN" ID="2"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/UNIVERSAL" ID="3"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/PLANT_MAINTENANCE" ID="4"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/SALES_DISTRIBUTION" ID="5"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/COSTING" ID="6"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/RETURNABLE_PACKAGING" ID="7"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="" ID="9"/>



    <Attribute EntryRequired="true" ID="BaseQuantity" Namespace="" ReadOnly="false">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/BASE_QUANTITY" Default=""/>


    <Attribute EntryRequired="true" ID="BOM_Status" Namespace="" ReadOnly="false">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/BOM_STATUS" Default=""/>


    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/ACTIVE" ID="01"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/INACTIVE" ID="02"/>

    <AllowedValue Alias="CFX_UI/ACTIVE_HIST_REQ" ID="03"/>



    <Attribute EntryRequired="false" ID="AuthorizationGroup" Namespace="" ReadOnly="false">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/AUTHORIZATION_GROUP" Default=""/>


    <Attribute EntryRequired="false" ID="LaboratoryDesignOffice" Namespace="" ReadOnly="false">

    <Label Alias="CFX_UI/LABORATORY_DESIGN_OFFICE" Default=""/>



    I already added the entry you need (obviously you could also define an Alias to pull in the correct BOM usage name). Wonder how your ERP Customizing for your new BOM usage looks like. Is it "S" or "9"? I used 9 now as this is the error message you get.


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