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Mar 02, 2015 at 12:24 AM

Slow updates



We are having a terrible time at a bunch of client sites. I am away for this week but return back in office next week. When I do, I will open a support call directly with SAP to resolve it at high level -- but I need some help/suggestions now so I can be prepared.

We have thousands of sites and we never had issues. Since we've started upgrading client sites to the latest Sybase, their nightly processes are killing us. For example, the nightly process would take about 8 minutes. Now it is taking 3 and 4 hours!!! A process that would take 3 seconds is now taking 10 minutes. The logs show that processing IS happening (it's not frozen) but for some reason things have been pretty bad. In fact one process took from 6:01AM to 6:59AM.

We've already opened a previous call with Sybase and resolved it on our own. We got tons of suggestions, none of them helped - and on my own, I wrote the query myself and got it back to 3 seconds. However - this same query ran at 100's of sites for years without issue and then upgrading to the latest sybase (4204) caused it to take an hour!! Then, I did rewrite it without an access path to one table using a Temp Table and got it back to 3 seconds. BUT YOU HAVE TO REALIZE IT WAS FINE FOR YEARS AT MANY SITES!

One client is extremely upset - a 30 minute job now taking 3.5 hours. It's crazy! We are thinking best plan of attack is simply removing SQL Anywhere and going back to the older version to see if the problem goes away.

Before I open calls - are there any known issues with recent builds of SQL Anywhere with regards to performance or a new way of processing. For us (InnQuest) - our Optimization_Goal is "First_row" and we have had it like that for 10 years or more. I've had sites go back to default and no change just for ha'ha's - and trying it out.

We do not have control over the queries and update statements as we use a language to write our applications and that driver writes all the statements to access SQL Anywhere (ODBC) --- and nothing has changed on our end. But, in other sites, we have NO/ZERO issues. It just makes no sense. We have sites that have issues and some that do not. We take the database to our system and run it, it runs without issue. We run it on their system and it takes an hour. There is no rhyme or reason to what is going on but it is killing our company in terms of customer satisfaction.

I will open a call directly next Monday when I get back into the states ... but what job can I run now to monitor a full performance of a nightly process to give someone here this week to look at it? Again, we dont have control over the statements - the compile/language does that - and none of that has changed.

Our only changes on the SQL Anywhere side (but have been like this for a decade) are:

Optmization_Goal is First_row

Max Cursor Count is 0

Max Statement Count is 0

All the rest is standard default settings.

1. Are there any known issues or reported issues with speed/performance

2. Are there any known changes that would cause these issues in the latest few builds of Sybase

3. Has Microsoft done anything with regards to their updates that could cause this

4. What log would be the best right now to give you - it's not a SINGLE PLAN / Query - this is thousands of queries that run during a nightly process (read a record, update, etc.) -

We've been using SQL Anywhere 9 and 12 for decade with zero performance issues at thousands of sites. These issues have just recently popped up and the only changes we've made on our side is updating our clients SQL Anywhere 12 to the latest builds. (4216)

Thank you very much - we need help!