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Feb 27, 2015 at 03:25 PM

TO confirmation problem


Hello Experts,

I'm trying to confirm a TO for an Outbound Delivert via LT12. The material is being transfered from Source Storage Type 901 to destination 916. These storage types are not SU managed. I'm facing two problems currently

a. When I try to confirm the TO I get the error message 'Enter Storage Unit' ( Message # L3216) and the cursor points to HU Identification field.

b. Upon looking at several threads in this forum, i also tried creating a Pick HU for my TO using LH01. After this when I try to confirm the TO I get another message 'Material quantity in source HU is not sufficient for TO item' (Message # L3858).

At the moment I've disregarded the later problem. However the initial problem 'Enter Storage unit' stil persists. I've also noticed that the Destination quant field is set a 0 (zero) See below

Please provide me some leads to proceed. Thanks in advance 😊


Anuj Bhagawati


Quant.jpg (26.5 kB)