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No valid task error - Recipe Change function module "'CP_CL_S_TSK_CHANGE'"

Hi All,

i have created recipe by using fm "'CP_CL_S_TSK_CREATE'". I wanna update that recipe data , i am using below fm with respective below values but i am getting no valid task error from this function. i can view that created recipe data through C202 transaction,

l_tsk-plnty = '2'. "task list type for recipe
l_tsk-plnnr = p_plnnr. "50000050

l_tsk-plnal = '01'. "group counter

l_tsk-werks = i_parameter-werks. "plant "NSW1

l_tsk-zaehl = '1'.
l_tsk-verwe = i_parameter-verwe. "usage "1
l_tsk-statu = i_parameter-statu. "status "4
l_tsk-plnme = i_parameter-plnme. "base unit "KG
l_tsk-datuv = '20170130'.

i_ecn_s = ' '
i_flg_tsk_check = 'X'
i_mark_txt_update = ' '
i_flg_collect_all_msg = ' '
i_key_date_s = i_parameter-sttag
i_tsk_class_data = l_tsk
task_not_consistent = 1
no_authority = 2
task_not_locked = 4
ecm_data_not_suitable = 5


can any one please help me to find the solution?


Ranjani Sekar.

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