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Jan 11, 2006 at 09:00 PM

Upgrading from EBP 3.1 to EBP 5.0


We are running EBP 3.1 and plan to upgrade to EBP 5.0.

Current EBP details:

EBP 3.1 SR1 BBPCRM Support package 14

ITS 610

Requisite Bugseye 3.5

Backend R/3 version: 4.7 SR1 extension set 2

Backend PI version: 2004_1_470

Using blended-codepage: eurojapan

Target release:

EBP 5.0 on WAS 640

Requisite Bugseye 4.0


1- Can Requisite Bugseye 4.0 be installed on WAS 640 (on the same server as the EBP 5.0)?

2- What codepage is recommended for EBP when the backend R/3 is using eurojapan blended code page setting?

I am looking for lesson learned and problems encountered during implementation and upgrade from an infrastructure point of view.