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Former Member
Feb 27, 2015 at 10:48 AM

Biller Direct - UCES - No EBPP Permission E000 for User


Hi Friends,

I have done two different configurations to connect UCES and SAP ISU:

1.- UserManagement: FI

With this configuration I have been able to acces to BillerDirect application, but I need to have created the webuser created in SAP system (ISU). This aspect makes me think that we will need such users created in SAP as users wants to use BillerDirect application; then we will have to pay a considerable amount of money for the licences.

2.- UserManagement: UME

I have thought that if I don´t want to pay a lot of money for licences and we only want to mantain the users in USER MANAGMENT tool in the SAP Netweaver machine this configuration is the most useful. I have tested this configuration and I obtain the next error:

#Error#1#/Applications/Common/ "{0}" does not have the authorizations necessary to log on to SAP Biller Direct.#1#UMEUSER01#

#Error##Java###No EBPP Permission E000 for User: UMEUSER01## No permission to logon!

Then, I wonder if is possible only have the users created in UME (with only on reference user created in SAP backend system and reported in the right property in XCM). If it is possible, how can I solve the issue reported in red color?