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Jan 11, 2006 at 07:54 PM

How do I monitor the number of logged on users in EP6.0 SP11?


Hi folks,

We are on SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP11.

I want to know the procedure by way of which I can monitor the number of logged on users in the Portal. Again, the logged on users can mean two things:

1) Number of unique users at any given time

2) Number of user sessions at any given time

Now, here are certain things I know:

1) EP6.0 SP2 had the Logged On Users iView. It's taken out in SP11 though.

2) The Portal Activity Report can be used for this purpose in SP11. However, we don't have any plans to implement that right now.

3) The Visual Admin can be used to monitor the user sessions and I am fine with that. However, my requirement is to collect user-load metrics every hour and I cannot really afford to monitor the Visual Admin that frequently.

4) If I use the J2EE Telnet Admin, I can come to know the number of user sessions.

As is apparent, I have no trouble getting the total number of user sessions. So, I guess the real question is - Is there any way by which I can know the number of unique users that are logged on to the Portal at any given time?

Kindly let me know if there is a way for that (other than maybe the Portal Activity Report), and I promise to reward generously 😊

Thanks in advance!