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Feb 26, 2015 at 10:43 AM

Issue with X509 single sign on (SSO) regarding ODATA Gateway Service, Visual Studio 2012 GWM Trial


Hello everbody!

We’ve started a project with SAP ODATA Gateway Service and Visual Studio 2012 with GWM Trial add-in. What we want to achieve is single sign on (SSO) using a X509 certificate.

The configuration on the SAP side seems to be ok, since we can open the specific ODATA service within a browser and I see my entityset data. From my perspective that also means that my client certificate matches the corresponding certificate on the SAP side.

But it doesn’t work from my c# project! We get an exception:

  1. SAP.IW.GWPAM.SSO.SSOException: The system cannot find the X509 user certificate

bei SAP.IW.SSO.X509CertificateUtil.GetUserCertificate(String[] issuers)

I’ve set the keys in the app.config

<add key="SSO" value="X509" />

<add key="RootCASubjectName" value="CN = etc., DC = etc, DC = etc."/>

I copy and paste the string value for the RootCASubjectName key directly from certificate property and not only the issuer but also the subject name property. I did this for all nodes in the certificate path.

But still no success. So I got no ideas anymore. Does anybody have experience with this topic? I would gratefully appreciate any slightest hints.

Thanks in advance