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Feb 25, 2015 at 03:17 PM

WF template activation issue


Hello dear SCN,

Context of the issue

We're using a custom workflow in our ERP6.0 systems. I had to make a change (FYI - simply added a condition that uses a method, one branch goes on normally, the other uses a control step to complete the WF, and also changed the event linkage), and now there is an activation issue.

The issue

Our dev system has two clients, the 600 to make changes and the 100 to test.

In client 600:

- SWDD shows version 003 of the template as being active

- table HRS1205 shows version 003 as being active

- checking the wf in SWDD gives no errors

- activating the wf in SWDD gives no errors

- SWUD's consistency check says everything is fine

- SWI1_DIAG shows nothing

However, in client 100:

- SWDD says no version is active

- table HRS1205 shows version 003 as being active

- SWUD's consistency check says "workflow definition does not exist"

- SWI1_DIAG shows nothing

- SWEL shows the events are properly received and checked, but after that it stops with error WD274 "Workflow definition of task 'WS98100159' cannot be activated" (same is given when testing in SWUS)

- when we try to open a container of a pre-existing task in SWIA, it gives error WL820 "task cannot be read"

So it kind of makes sense we can't start the workflow since it's inactive, but it why on earth is it shown as inactive in one client but not the other? Templates are supposed to be cross-client, right?

What we already tried to fix it

- generate a new version and activate that one

- activate an old version

- delete and old version that had errors in it

- cancel the changes and reactivate

- change the syntax used to pass the parameter to the method called in the change we made (just in case it was a syntax error not being picked up by the "check" button)

- transport again the event linkage TR using SCC1

- regenerate the business object

- clean buffers using SWU_OBUF, in both clients

- refresh organizational environment, in both clients

- searched SCN for similar issues, but most people that had error CD724 just had to correct errors when checking in SWDD, others had transport issues, which we do not have

Our questions to you

- did you already experience this, and if so, how did you solve it?

- any ideas on what we could try next? Our next step is searching for sap notes; if you already know one that could help, don't hesistate to give its number 😊

Thanks in advance !