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Feb 25, 2015 at 03:14 PM

Mandatory "Notes" not fullfiled does not block the saving


Dear Experts,

We are currently dealing with the following issue :

It is possible for us to save an object even if one mandatory text of the “Notes” assignement block is not fulfilled.

There is only an informative message appearing “Obligatory text not maintained” but it does not block the saving of the object.

Is there any customizing point that we are missing? (we have customized the text as mandatory in the customizing)

For information, our saving issue is only happening with the block "Notes", everything else is working as expected: when trying to save an object when mandatory fields of the Details block are missing, the saving is blocked.

Has anyone ever met the same problem ?

Is there any other customizing that should be checked ?

Thanks a lot for your help,