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Feb 25, 2015 at 09:40 AM

SAP Gateway - Return warning messages to service



after spending some time on google i didn't find a helping thread.. so i'll give it a try at the SCN 😉

We've developed a gateway service to create leaverequests.

The included check returns warning messages as "leave request is in workfree time" - for example for a weekend.

The LR will still be persisted - so no exceptions.

But i want to return these messages to the gatewayservice/frontend.

I found a thread that helped me a little, but i'm not quite satisfied yet.


The message will only be returned if i raise an exception.

But i don't want a 400 Bad Request.

The GW Component is updated to SP8 as suggested by Ralf Handl.

Did i do something wrong? Is it even possible to include messages in the return-body?

I tried the example code from the thread linked above.

Thanks for advice!