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Feb 24, 2015 at 04:30 PM

SAP PO: fault message forward out of BPM to the synchronous call




Sync SOAP with fault <-> PI/PO Single Stack <-> ( NW BPM <-> sync call with fault)

In NW BPM the sync call(automated activity) throws a fault application message, which can be caught using boundary event. This generates an event which I would like to map to the fault message of the synchronous interface, that called the NW BPM, so the sync SOAP fault can be forwarded to the initial caller.

But doing so, the BPM process gets suspended, and the only thing i can see in the History is:

Process step failed | Exception: Operation: <blah blah> has returned a recognized fault, namely: <blah>

Process step failed | Exception:

Process suspended | Process <blah> suspended

So the first line is ok, sync call out of BPM throws fault.

The second is ??? Even if i set log level to the highest possible 'Full', i get nothing more here.

So might be wrong? How do i forward the caught fault message from BPM to the SYNCHRONOUS caller of the PI/PO.

Is it possible at all?

I am aware of the timeout problem, the bigger the BPM gets. Still I would like to call BPM synchronously and being able to catch fault message there and forward it.

thank you and cheers

simon 😊