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Feb 23, 2015 at 09:34 AM

Using Mylyn in Eclipse (usefull tools)


Hi all!

I think there was some thread, with tools you are using to make your programming life easier. Unfortunatelly I can't find this thread, so I will just share in this new one.

I'm using Mylyn, which is a very great way to organize your tasks and especially, if you have to work on more tasks at a time, it offers you great way how to easily switch files and your focus between them.

You just create tasks in the "Task List" view (carefull, this is not the ToDo view, and you can open it, only if Mylyn is installed). Then you can activate the task and open any programs/includes you need to chande/see to solve the task. When you will switch to another task, all these windows will be closed and only windows of that other task will be opened, so that you can focus fully on that other task.

There is even possibility to filter out object from the Project Explorer, however this doesn't work with ABAP Projects, don't know why...

Short video with the idea can be found here: Mylyn In Action In Eclipse - YouTube

and there is somewhat long but very detailed presentation here: Mylyn 3.0: Code at the Speed of Thought - YouTube

Have a nice day!