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Former Member
Feb 22, 2015 at 04:49 PM

Feed query


Good day,

There is a new message appearing suddenly in the dev and prod systems when landing on the feed page (since the 1502 release was deployed it seems).

"The query ALL UPDATES may require a long time to complete. Click here if you want to start this query"

I assumed this was appearing in dev tenant because of the amount of test data being created and the large amount of feeds resulting from this.

So the system preempted a long processing time to execute the query. I logged into the production system of the client, which is due to be used in a few weeks and saw the same message

Of course a user would want to see their feeds. Instead they are greeted when logging on by a technical question.

This is not user friendly in my opinion.

The average user does not know what a 'query' is and will not be sure if they should click to start the query or not.

Why do we not rather allow an option to auto-delete (or archive) feeds older than 30/60/90 days? Unless I have missed the ability to do this in my investigation to see if this functionality is available

Can anyone confirm if this is being experienced in their tenants too and if there is a way to auto-delete/archive feeds?

Also please add a comment if anyone feels this is actually a good thing to have a user see when they log on every time