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Feb 21, 2015 at 06:51 AM

Paid by Company and Reimburse to Employees in Credit Card Expenses



I am doing credit card configuration.

In my business scenario, we are using Travel Expenses only in TRIP.

We don't use Travel Planning in SAP.

I am doing configuration for Credit Card Clearing.

I checked the thread .

I have few doubts after seeing the above thread.

1. Do we maintain Expense Types twice, i.e. one for Reimbursement to Employee and another Paid by Company?

Example- 1. Dinner Expense- Reimbursement to Employee

2. Dinner Expense paid by Credit Card- Paid by Company

We have around 38 expenses under Reimbursement to Employees. So do I have to create additional 38 Expense Types for Credit Card as well under Paid by Company?

Do I need to activate Wizard option for Credit Card expense Types?

2. I went through the following document- Travel Management (FI-TV) - SAP Library

Now, after going through the document, I am getting confused. THis document suggest to set the Travel Expense Types under Reimbursement to Employees. But in point 1, it suggests to create Travel Expense type under Paid by Company. Both are contradicting.

3. I tried both the options, by assigning Expense Types to Paid by Company. In this case when I go to settle the bills in PR05, the value is ZERO. When I tried Expense Types to Reimbursement to Employee, while settling the bills, there is an amount, but while posting the bills to FI, I get error messages. Error message is attached.

Below I given the Config done for Credit Card Vendor assignment and GL assignment.

4. Inorder to assign the Credit Card Vendor in Travel Accounting, I am assigning in Transaction HRP-Customer/vendor trip costs postings

General Modification- AX

Account- 10000 (AMEX Vendor code)

Already there is one more line for linking Employee Vendors. I am not touching that.

Is this configuration correct?

5. Do I need to assign Symbolic account for wage type assigned Credit Card Expense Types? Please explain me the steps.

Please help me.