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Jan 11, 2006 at 09:32 AM

Showing linebreaks in Adobe interactive forms webdynpro java



Im using interactive form from Adobe to show the content of my context, but the linebreaks gets converted into spaces. Heres my scenario:

I have create a context:

Person (node)

- Name (value attribute)

- Lastname (value attribute)

I have create a view (view1) with 2 TextEdit to enter som text. This two TextEdit fields is binded to the contextnode.

I have created another view (view2) with interactive form. The interactive forms consist of 2 InputFields that is also binded to the context.

When i run the application i insert som text in the first view (view1). Then i go to the second view(view2) to display the content as a PDF. This works, but my problem is that the linebreaks I have created in the view1 gets converted into spaces in view2. I have allowd multiple lines.

My question is that:

does Adobe interactive form support linebreaks from the context? It is possible to enter linebreaks if I edit the interactive form at runtime, but I want it to display the linebreaks automaticly from the context.

Are there any way around this? Please help me out. I cant find any sap note about this issue