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Feb 20, 2015 at 02:33 PM

Time out clock and notification does not work for IC


Dear All,

Sap has provided new feature to show a countdown clock on the header region of the web ui. like below

In the above picture u can see the notes implemented to use the feature they are as below.\

2092893 - Session Time Out Notification 2096030 - Session Time Out Enhancement 2097954 - OTR text length for the session timeout feature is limited to english

2098586 - fixes side effects of note 2097954 - OTR text length

Now If you check the first note SAP has suggested that in order to use this for IC Webclient business roles we need to implement the below notes

which we have implemented

1946450 implemented 1877120 - CRM-IC: session timeout issue with CRM 7 EHP1 and higher implemented 1955366 - follow up note to 1877120 implemented 1977631 - follow up note II to 1877120 implemented

But Still this feature is not available for IC Roles , Can you please help me get this feature on IC roles , even if it has some development effort?

This is really a cool feature and I personally think this is the best used in IC roles 😊 Hoping to get some help soon