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Feb 20, 2015 at 02:16 PM

/3C4 and /4E3 not generated. Conveyance exemption issue.



I have run payroll for Jan. 9W03 is conveyance wage type in IT 0008 with amount 36000.

800 is the exemption limit. 2400 should be exempted.

In IT 583 No vehicle is selected so only V_T7INC9 table is maintained with 6 (No vehicle)

I am confused about what specific processing,cumulation, evaluation classes for wage types 9W03, /3C4, /4E3 etc are to be maintained.

(Recently I faced same query while trying HRA exemption and there for HRA wage type 9W02 I had cumulation Basis checked, Exemption u/s 10 unchecked and for /114 I had processing class 4 and 30 as not blank.)

Please specify for Conveyance wage type 9W03 what should I try and for payroll generated wage types like /3C4 and /4E3 or any other what should i try as far as processing and cumulation classes are concerned.


amit soman