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Feb 20, 2015 at 10:15 AM

UI5 Ressource Locking


hi folks,

i know this theme has been discussed but not really a outcome (for me ?). as s4/hana has a lot UI's with fiori i'm wondering what would be best practice to enqueue logical objects like:

Example Change customer:

User A views a customer master data via a sapgui transaction

User B edits via a FioriApp the master data of the customer of User A (as stateless the is i guess no lock on the logical object ?)

In the meantime user A switches to edit mode, changing data.(as not locked with enqeue he can switch, or will he get automatically not saved but edited data and how??)

Then User B saves changed data (should there be a call to the enqueue , and what then? as it is during a save-operation - error message to user, or reflecting with new data)

is there a built-in support for locking/sharing logical objects.

any idea what is the solution for such typical use-cases?

with sapgui or webdynpro or any stateful application , these are not really problems, but with stateless apps.

or do we have to handle conflice-documents and how (i hope not ?!)

best regards,