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Join error 'The elements in the "SELECT LIST" list must be separated using commas'

I have a join that is getting this error when I do a syntax check. I have a very similar join on more tables that works fine. Can anyone tell what is causing the issue?

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_main,

          kunnr TYPE kna1-kunnr,

          name1 TYPE kna1-name1,

          name2 TYPE kna1-name2,

          stras TYPE kna1-stras,

          ort01 TYPE kna1-ort01,

          regio TYPE kna1-regio,

          pstlz TYPE kna1-pstlz,

          land1 TYPE kna1-land1,

          telf1 TYPE kna1-telf1,

          telfx TYPE kna1-telfx,

     str_suppl1 TYPE adrc-str_suppl1,

     str_suppl2 TYPE adrc-str_suppl2,

     str_suppl3 TYPE adrc-str_suppl3,

          kdkg1 TYPE kna1-kdkg1,

          sort1 TYPE adrc-sort1,

          sort2 TYPE adrc-sort2,

          erdat TYPE kna1-erdat,

          ernam TYPE kna1-ernam,

          ktokd TYPE kna1-ktokd,

          vkorg type knvv-vkorg,

          vtweg type knvv-vtweg,

          spart type knvv-spart,

          aufsd type kna1-aufsd,

          aufs2 type knvv-aufsd,

          lifsd type kna1-lifsd,

          lifs2 type knvv-lifsd,

          faksd type kna1-faksd,

          faks2 type knvv-faksd,

          loevm type kna1-loevm,

          loev2 type knvv-loevm,

        END OF ty_main.

Data:  it_main     TYPE TABLE OF ty_main.

SELECT kna1~kunnr kna1~name1 kna1~name2 kna1~stras kna1~ort01

          kna1~regio kna1~pstlz kna1~land1 kna1~telf1 kna1~telfx

          adrc~str_suppl1 adrc~str_suppl2 adrc~str_suppl3

          kna1~kdkg1 adrc~sort1 adrc~sort2 kna1~erdat kna1~ernam

          kna1~ktokd knvv~vkorg knvv~vtweg knvv~spart kna1~aufsd

          knvv~aufsd kna1~lifsd knvv~lifsd kna1~faksd knvv~faksd

          kna1~loevm knvv~loevm

     INTO TABLE it_main

     FROM kna1

     LEFT OUTER JOIN knvv ON kna1~kunnr = knvv~kunnr

     LEFT OUTER JOIN adrc ON kna1~adrnr = adrc~addrnumber

    WHERE kna1~kunnr IN s_kunnr

      AND kna1~name1 IN s_name1

      AND kna1~name2 IN s_name2

      AND kna1~stras IN s_stras

      AND kna1~ort01 IN s_ort01

      AND kna1~regio IN s_regio

      AND kna1~pstlz IN s_pstlz

      AND kna1~land1 IN s_land1

      AND kna1~telf1 IN s_telf1

      AND kna1~telfx IN s_telfx

      AND adrc~str_suppl1 IN s_strt2

      AND adrc~str_suppl2 IN s_strt3

      AND adrc~str_suppl3 IN s_strt4

      AND kna1~kdkg1 IN s_kdkg1

      AND adrc~sort1 IN s_sort1

      AND adrc~sort2 IN s_sort2

      AND kna1~erdat IN s_erdat

      AND kna1~ernam IN s_ernam

      AND kna1~ktokd IN s_ktokd

      AND knvv~vkorg IN s_vkorg

      AND knvv~vtweg IN s_vtweg

      AND knvv~spart IN s_spart

      AND kna1~aufsd IN s_aufsd

      AND knvv~aufsd IN s_aufs2

      AND kna1~lifsd IN s_lifsd

      AND knvv~lifsd IN s_lifs2

      AND kna1~faksd IN s_faksd

      AND knvv~faksd IN s_faks2

      AND kna1~loevm IN s_loevm

      AND knvv~loevm IN s_loev2.

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    Feb 19, 2015 at 02:19 PM

    I had no syntax error when I tried this with only the first two SELECT-OPTIONS. Try that as a first step.


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