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Feb 18, 2015 at 11:29 PM

Preliminary Import: 4 Tiers



We are using ChaRM in Solution Manager 7.1 SP12.

We wish to use the preliminary import feature which we have already configured. It appears to be working well and the transport is automatically imported to the first target system when the preliminary import is approved.

We also have an action to import the transport into Production as a preliminary import.

However, we don't have an action setup to import the transport to PreProd.

I had a look in the Task List and this is the program name and variant for our PreProd environment:

As a test, I tried to execute this via the task list and got this error (which is ok):

Which leads me to my do I setup a new action/condition in ChaRM which will import to PreProd? I don't want to use the above variant because that's for that specific system. The current preliminary actions for the first target system and the Production system work for ALL of our SAP systems so I want something similiar for all of our PreProd environments.

I had a look at existing actions and I couldn't find anything which gave me a clue to how to create this.

I then looked at the task list again for the Preliminary Import that did work for our first target system:

I see there's an action called RC_PRELIM_IMP_TEST although I'm not sure where to find this and how to set this up for PreProd and assign to a new ChaRM action/condition.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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