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Former Member
Feb 18, 2015 at 06:32 PM

Assessment does not consider Credit Amounts



Below is the scenario:

1. Cost Center 532- Debit-> 10000- @ Invoice

2. Via Distribution, Cost Center 532- Debit-> 7000. Here Sender Cost center was 530

3. Later user understands that distribution from 530 to 532 was incorrect, hence he makes FI posting with 532 cost center credit and 530 cost center as debit. This time amount is -> 7000

So, if you sum up the total amount for cost center 532 is 10000.

Now, after this user has ran assessment cycle where the sender cost center is 532 and secondary cost element is 700.

After assessment, if you see the cost center report for 532 cost center for cost element 700, then you can see a credit of 17000 (10,000 from 1st step+7000 from 2nd).

Now my questions is where is the credit amount of 7000 gone? Why secondary cost element does not show an amount of 10000 which is actually the balance of sender cost center 532.

Please advise.