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Jan 11, 2006 at 02:28 AM

How to make a Combination as Constant ?


Hi guys,

I need some help to make a combination of my 'BEx Selection' to be <b>Constant</b>

On my 'Row Structure', I have one Characteristic called 'Securities Trading Value'. Here, I have restricted to 4 values say A, B, C and D.

On my 'Column Structure', I have a combination of 'BEx Selections' like Audit 2005, Current Month, Previous Month, Variance and YTD Budget

What I need to make constant is only the value with combination of Securities Trading Value = 'D' and YTD Budget='1004' .Hence at <b>all time</b>, the intersection of this 2 'selections' should be equal to 1004

The other combination values, should be key-ed in as usual via BW-BPS.

Please assist guys.