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Feb 18, 2015 at 03:10 PM

Processing a vendor credit


Question: Is there a way to process a credit from a vendor, that ties to the purchase order, but does not move inventory?

Here is how we do it today:

PO is raised for 15 of X

Vendor ships 13 of X, but the packing slip says they shipped 15 of X

Goods receipt for 13 of X

Vendor sends a credit for 2, and ships 2 of x

Vendor rebills for 2 that they short shipped.

We raise a goods receipt for the 2 that didn't show up to process a goods returned, to tie the credit to. (this is the part I don't like. we are receiving material that never really arrived, just to satisfy the credit)

We receive the 2 of x that were originally missing and then pay the additional invoice for 2.

I know this sounds like the vendor, should just ship us the original 2, to satisfy the order. I am told this is the way that the vendor operates.

Is there another way to satisfy the requirement?