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Feb 18, 2015 at 03:29 PM

Field Transport Problem with FM VRM_SET_VALUES


I have a problem using FM VRM_SET_VALUES to initialize a listbox in a module pool program.

I have initialized the variables sent to the FM in the PBO and the listbox is filled correctly. It appears with all of the values when I put my cursor on the screen field. I can pick an entry and the entry appears in the field as soon as I do that; however, when I press enter, the entry disappears.

The field attributes have dropdown set to listbox, possible entries is ticked and value list is set to “A” (from program).

The field has a domain with a number of fixed values in the value range. When I simply let the listbox pick the values, the values are transported correctly (the field keeps the values).

Does anyone have any ideas on why the screen is behaving this way?