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Feb 18, 2015 at 03:25 PM

connect BO BI4.0 to SAP ERP


I am about to set up a connection from Business Objects BI4.0 SP4 to anSAP ERP HR (BASIS is vsersion 7, HR is version 6) INFOSET, but want to know what account to use.

If I use a special account then presumably that will break the authorisations in the infoset so it would return all rows and columns for that special account not the rows/columns for the user logged in to BO?

But if I pass through the BO user in the connection details then because our SAP setup uses its own passwords I cannot pass in the Windows AD password from BO!

We have Employee Self Service set up and that uses a JAVA server to authenticate with Windows AD and then pass back a token to SAP and allow the user in. Can this be used to authenticate BO to SAP?

Does anyone have advice on how to authenticate a BO user to SAP?