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Feb 18, 2015 at 01:32 PM

How to do SYSTEM COPY of Identity Center Database (DB2 to DB2) ?


Hello All,

SAP IDM 7.2 SP8.

I have use case to do System Copy from DB2 to DB2.

I was checking IDM document - SAP NetWeaver Identity Management System Copy G... | SCN (System Copy Guide - Copying the Identity Center Database) and found that there is no mention of this use case.

I checked ZIP file under SAP NetWeaver Identity Management System Copy Export File - System Copy Jobs (ZIP) under SAP Identity Management 7.2 Documentation and see that DB2 to DB2 copy use case is not part of documentation.

Can you please help me to know if it is possible to do DB2 to DB2 System Copy ?

If yes, Is there documentation available ?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,



syscopy1.JPG (64.6 kB)
syscopy2.JPG (23.8 kB)