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Feb 18, 2015 at 12:39 PM

How to Debug in NWDS


Hello Experts,

I am new to NWDS and I am facing challenges when trying to debug EAR file from NWDS 7.3 SP 12. I've created my EAR file from DTR perspective by clicking on create project from DTR repository. I've added the SAP System in SAP Management Console Perspective and I've activated debug mode on both my servers. I've also started the debug proxy.

I've placed break points in my code. But none of the breakpoints are getting triggered.

Please guide me if I'm missing something. My objective is to find out the code flow. We have portal component which I found in the EAR file under portalapp.xml. When I opened that component I saw the Class name. I was to able to locate the source java file. But I want to know which function is getting triggered after entering this java file as there is no explicit call to any method inside this java file. The details available in my portalapp.xml for this component (GetPPLinksViaJson) is

My questions are:

1) Does NWDS debugging work the same way as ABAP debugging i,e Will the breakpoint be triggered when I run my portal application from browser.

2) If not in debugging is there any other way to check the flow of code for this scenario???

3) And does portalapp.xml instantiate the class which is given as ClassName under Component-Config once this component is called (Asking this to know if constructor would be called)???

4) Is it possible to debug a WAR file??

Eagerly awaiting your response.


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